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Massey University Scholarships Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand and win this scholarship opportunity . The Massey Business School, International Student Study Award (“the Award”) are available for international students who are top achieving new international students enrolling in full-time business programme at Massey University in New Zealand.   The award will be based on Academic merit at the discretion of the selection committee.
The award may be awarded annually, and will be to the value of $5,000 per 120 credits enrolled, for up to the total credit value of the programme

Scholarship Program 
Undergraduate and Post Graduate

Area of Study : Business 

Scholarship Benefit

  • Undergraduate Programme maximum $15,000
  • Postgraduate Programme maximum $10,000

The total number of new awards to be awarded each year is subject to the approval by the Massey Business School Executive Team.

Applicants must be:

  1.  New to Massey University, International students.
  2. The recipient meets all programme admission requirements
  3. The recipient must be enrolled in an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate programme offered by Massey Business School.
  4. Continuation of the award payment is subject to the recipient remaining in an eligible programme, and International status.
  5.  For the purpose of this award, the academic merit is assessed as an admissions Grade Point Average,determined by Massey University or equivalent measurement, as determined by Massey University.

International Fees
Applicants must remain full fee paying International students whilst studying in their approved programme in New Zealand throughout the duration of their study.

The award will be granted for a term equivalent to the full-time study period for the recipient’s programme, but subject to satisfactory academic performance to instalment payments after the first year.

The value of the Massey Business School International Study Award will be to the value of $5,000 per 120 credits enrolled, for up to the total credit value of the Programme Payments

  1. The award will be paid in installments as a tuition fee credit in each semester of study following confirmation of enrolment, after the official withdrawal without financial penalty (WMAR) date.
  2.  Installments of the award after the first year are dependent in the recipient successfully passing all courses in the prior year of study.

Conditions of Study
Recipients must be full-fee-paying international students, who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of New Zealand or Australia. (If, during the tenure of an award, a recipient’s immigration status changes so
that he or she is no longer a full-fee paying international student and thereby obtains a partial refund of  academic fees from the University, the award will be withdrawn).
The award may not be held concurrently with any other scholarship, bursary award, or grant from Massey  University.
At the discretion of Massey University, the terms and conditions of the award may be modified in special
circumstances or to avoid hardship to any recipient.
An offer of a Massey Business School International Study Award is not an offer of admission to Massey University, nor does it imply approval of enrolment in a programme at Massey University.

How to apply
Applications are now open. 

Download Application Form  or  Apply Online

Due date: 
November 30 

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